Speed Mobile Stage S-M-S are:

1. Higher earnings

Quick installation allow you on the arrangement of the stage at several events in one weekend.
To install the stage you need only 2 person, so you save on expensive staff.
The mobile stage S-M-S with arched roof looking better, so you can rent this stage for more events.

2. Easy storage

Mobile stage you can leave outside, because it is resistant for weather conditions. All elements are located inside of the stage. To go to a party, you need hook up a complete stage to the car and just drive.

3. Quick and easy installation

Installations of the stage takes about 40 minutes and is so simple even women can handle the installation. For mounting the stage you don't need any tools. Easy and safely to hang the equipment, is possible to install it before the roof lifting up. To raise the roof of the stage, you just need press the button.